The Sugar Dolls


Serving cupcakes throughout the Atlanta metro area...

 Meanwhile celebrating local charities, music, and art around town!

& Be, sweet, it’s who we are and what we promote!

The Sugar Dolls are a catering company based out of Flowery Branch, Ga serving all of Atlanta, Ga and it’s metro area. You will often find us at artistic and charitable events as they lay close to our hearts. Honestly we can adopt a cupcake flavor and decor to just about anything and we have fun doing it! The company was conceived in the spring of 2010 & continues to expand and grow each year. In fact eac
h year we pair up with a local tattoo shop, Sacred Heart Tattoo (L5P) and have our very own “Day of the Cupcake” which is our big hooray and well a thank you for all you awesome folks for supporting us.

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